I have worked with Joss on and off for 15 years - mostly in situations where we were required to make significant cultural changes. She has developed a specialisation in leading cultural change through events and improved internal communications and was very instrumental in helping drive a can do approach at both HSBC in the Middle East and particularly at the Cooperative Bank after the crisis in 2013. She personally put together road shows and a very successful leadership event as well as driving up the level of risk awareness on tight budgets and in high pressure circumstances. Her recent work on establishing what corporate cultures should feel like and how to get the people there is not only topical but also vital in developing the right cultures in firms for today’s world.
— Niall Booker, ex-CEO of HSBC Middle East and The Co-op Bank
“A well thought through presentation, with good introductory concepts and practical application advice.”
“Joss is very experienced and delivered in a friendly way.”
“Very informative, lots of tools to take away and use.”
“Very thought-provoking and will be taking it back.”
“Excellent event, thought-provoking with lots to take away.”
— Some feedback from those who have attended Capitalise's 'An Introduction To The Essential Steps To Transform & Measure Your Company Culture' interactive talk.
I have worked with Joss at two financial services companies and found her passion and commitment to fulfilling the needs of the client inspirational. She is relentless in her pursuit of the best outcome for the client whilst truly representing colleagues by having great awareness of cultural impact and provides workable solutions to address this. If you need someone to define a plan for communications, culture and change I recommend a conversation with Joss.
— Sam Bagnall, Transformation Programme Director (RSA and The Co-op Bank)
Our expectations were by far exceeded with this expertly crafted intervention - comprising both top leadership and full employee workshops ! The week ended on such a high note and we achieved amazing insights and shared understanding across our employee group. Thank you Joss, we have made a great start to this culture journey and look forward to seeing you again!
Joss is the consummate coach and culture builder.

She has an outstanding ability to unlock the nascent potential in others, for which she is highly-trained but which appears to come entirely naturally to her.

I recently booked a coaching session with Joss to gain a deeper understanding of how my personal values influence my decision-making, after taking the acclaimed Barrett Values (BV) assessment.

As an accredited BV Culture Transformation Practitioner, Joss was able to help me identify some of the gaps in my awareness of why I behave the way I do, and the actions I could take to bring more gratification to my life.

Having Joss coach me was like having my own mind reflect on what I already knew but hadn’t acknowledged explicitly for myself. It was a surprising and invaluable session.

Joss is clearly at her best when supporting others to achieve their goals, getting to the heart of underlying issues and helping clarify a way forward with deftness and an upbeat approach. Brimming with positivity and purpose, she’s just great to be around too.

Having worked with Joss as both client and colleague, I now understand why her company has the “capitalise” moniker: one of her most exceptional capabilities is working out how people with very different talents and viewpoints can work together effectively. This, coupled with her sense of how to simplify, organise and bring disparate ideas and resources together for maximum effectiveness, makes her a standout culture coach.
— Sam Grant, Director - Flametree Communications
Joss is a talented and versatile communications professional - a strategic thinker with expertise in building positive colleague engagement through corporate communications and culture. She has great stakeholder management skills and is adept at working with C-suite executives and in developing teams and individuals. I very much enjoyed working with her.
— Lesley McPherson, Communications Director, The Co-operative Bank, UK
Joss facilitated a fantastic training session for my Internal Audit team designed to help us have a bigger and more positive impact across the Bank. She worked with me to understand the specific needs of the team and tailored the session to maximise the value in the available time.

The result has been increased awareness in the team; improved insight in our reporting and positive feedback from our stakeholders.
— Chris Greenway, Internal Audit Director, The Co-operative Bank, UK
It’s been a a pleasure to work with Capitalise and in particular Joss who brought her strategic approach with a friendly style.

Captalise took the time to understand the requirements of the business to put together a great engagement scheme for IKEA. Consulting with all parts of the business from the senior management team to the co-workers on the shop floor. Joss and Jenny’s natural ability to see ‘the wood, for the trees’ gave them the ability to help the teams build their own respective action plans and their background in communications and marketing has allowed for a really effective communication plan.

I would recommend Capitalise in an instant and look forward to working with them in the future
— Kieran Mander – Head of HR, IKEA Middle East
We hired Capitalise to work with our client servicing team to define ‘what makes a great client servicing person.’ Joss led a fantastic off-site session that really helped us to create our client servicing manifesto. All of the team felt recharged and motivated at the end of the day. I would highly recommend Joss for any coaching or motivational session. She really took the time to understand our business and my team and she created a really thorough, bespoke session for the day that included a lot of interactive sessions. The day flew by and everyone really enjoyed working with Joss.
— Kay MacGregor, E-commerce Client Partner, Europe
Capitalise structured, developed and delivered an agenda to support a 2 day ‘Go Getting Team Event’ for the new Al Futtaim Marks & Spencer team. The brief was to plan and deliver an event to help the team understand how we can become connected, aligned and motivated as a team which consisted of 12 new people, 6 promoted people and 4 members of the team that have moved into new roles. The event consisted of bespoke workshops for a team of 34 people which resulted in committing to the team’s designed alliance, understanding change and the impact it has on a team and individuals, a team’s charter agreement to secure a plan that will support the 5 year business growth, understanding the importance of communication and the effective flow of information, understanding the business priorities and demonstrating what a successful, highly dymanic team looks like. Capitalise skillfully managed the workshops to ensure that all members of the team contributed and committed to a plan that supported the business growth plans. It was a great success and the team are now equipped to work efficiently and effectively. A big thank you to Joss and Jenny who were a pleasure to work with.
— Julie Howett, Head of Merchandise, Marks & Spencer, Middle East
I’m so pleased that I attended phase one of the Capitalise Brand Builder, it was really worthwhile and it’s given me an overall focus to how I approach all aspects of my business.

The powerful questions Joss asked during the session made me think about my Why, What and How differently and in more depth. It helped me get very close to defining my purpose, vision and values.

It’s really helped me understand that an authentic brand story is so important to my own marketing strategy long term. The Decision Making Aid tool that we were introduced to and we worked through is of huge value and something I will now refer to forever to keep me on track.
— Phillipa Kettleworth, As-if Living
I have been running my business for 10 years and whilst it has been doing well it was not until I started to work with Joss at CAPITALISE, that I realised how much more successful my company can and will be.

Working with Joss gave me the first of many ‘light bulb’ moments when I realised that we are sitting on literally 100’s of teambuilding products that have only ever been used once. Together we devised a gameplan and within a few weeks, being more focused and understanding how to set goals and the joy of achieving them I am now in the process of launching a whole new side to the business. This new focus has helped renew my enthusiasm and without Joss a whole new revenue stream would have remained untapped.

The other major ‘light bulb moment’ was through Joss’s careful questioning and coaching I realised that in order to grow my business I have to work less in it and more ‘on’ it… Joss has helped me to be a better employer as she has shown me how to develop my people so that I can free myself up to always keep an eye on the big picture.”
— Mary O’Hagan, Business Owner – Vivace, UK
Really rather amazing! CAPITALISE helped me to pin down some of the vague hopes and dreams that had been floating around in my head forever. The process helped me to identify what I REALLY wanted to do, rather than what I felt I ought to want to do. Joss then helped me set smaller, more achievable goals which took me, step by step, in the right direction. I feel more energised and purposeful than I have in years – back on track, if you like!

Aside from the excellent process, I found Joss herself to be very encouraging and non-judgmental – gently pulling me back to task and coaxing me along when I couldn’t think of a single thing to say, but never putting words into my mouth.
— Mary Imlay, London, UK.
I found the coaching absolutely amazing. I have never done coaching before so I didn’t really know what to expect and I had no idea it was going to be as helpful as it was. The goals I set have helped me so much and I know that if I hadn’t got this coaching these goals would have never been set.

The coaching sessions have made me more organised, a lot more confident, more relaxed, determined and a lot less stressful . After every coaching session I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt so much better. Joss really helped me sort out my life plan for the next year and without this coaching I would have been confused, stressed and tense.

The coaching has had a huge impact on me, I found it extremely helpful and loved every minute of it.
— Ciara Mahon, Ireland