Getting your communication and engagement right as an organisation and a leader has never been so important. With the enormous and constant change in the working world, it’s easy for colleagues to become disengaged, disheartened and demotivated. 

I have a wealth of experience in the communication and engagement space and I’m passionate about supporting businesses and leaders to be the best they can be to increase colleague understanding, involvement, motivation and commitment which ultimately leads to better business results.  

Below are some of the ways I can help companies move the dial in the communication and engagement areas and lift your people survey scores that often show a dip in these areas.

John Powell

Communications and engagement expertise -transformational change

Aimed at large-scale change programmes that require a strong, strategic communication and engagement programme to bring leaders and colleagues on the journey with them. From defining the core narrative and messages, to Leader Events, Change Champion inductions and the all-important embedding phase, I can support and upskill internal teams and leaders.

ThE Purpose-Led, Communications team workshop

Aimed at Internal and External Communications teams.  An interactive and engaging day or half day session to take stock of where you are now and where you want to get to whilst honing and strengthening your vision, strategic approach and role as internal trusted advisers.

The Communicator CapitaliseR WORKSHOP PROGRAMME

A 2 day workshop, aimed at mid-level Leaders who want to tackle the aspects of communication that tend to be the most challenging including:

Inspiring purposeful action

Leading through coaching

Leading and communicating confidently through change

The Power of Influence

Handling difficult conversations  

Being seen as a trusted adviser